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Best Clinical Trials (BCT) is a research site affiliated with a private practice within the metropolitan New Orleans area. We independently contract with Sponsors and CROs to conduct phase II, III, and IV trials.  Our offices are near the emerging medical center corridor, which includes LSU and Tulane University and the newest VA Medical Center in the United States.   

Since first opening our doors in 2001, we have become proficient in evaluating protocols and study design.  This allows us to quickly determine the feasibility of a given protocol. Consequently, we are able to identify potential study subjects and ensure a very low screen failure rate.  In fact, over 99% of our studies have exceeded Sponsor enrollment expectations.  

BCT has a well-established record of rapid and high enrollment, high patient retention throughout a study and low data query rates. Over the past 19 years, BCT has completed more than 120 industry-sponsored trials for over 26 different pharmaceutical Sponsors.  During that time we have successfully undergone Sponsor-iniated audits, FDA audits as well as IRB audits.

We at BCT are experts at integrating clinical trials within facilities that simultaneously provide routine medical care. This affords us access to a larger and often research-naïve patient population. Our experience in this environment ensures those identified as potential subjects will comply with protocol requirements as well as completion of the trial.

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