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  • Investigators and Clinical Research Coordinators (CRCs) work closely together to perform high quality research while ensuring appropriate follow-up and referral of study volunteers.

  • Four full-time CRCs with over 60 years collective coordinating experience in the private practice setting.

  • Regulatory specialist with over 19 years experience successfully managing over 30 Sponsor audits.

  • Our CRCs spend extensive time before, during and after study visits with our subjects, maintaining frequent communication via cell phone to ensure procedures are completed by subjects per protocol.

  • Budget and contract review performed by BCT administrative and legal specialists with over 40 years combined experience in industry-sponsored studies.

  •  Investigators and BCT staff scrutinize each protocol to ensure adequate training, licensure and/or study procedures  are performed by appropriate medical, clinical or other properly trained personnel.

  • Personnel complete ICH/GCP, CPR, IATA (HAZMAT) training every 2 years.

  •  5 Exam Rooms

  • * -20 Freezer, -70 Freezer, Locked Refrigerator

  • * Calibrated Equipment

  • * Security Cameras, Double-Locked Cabinets

  • * Private Monitoring Room with Wi-Fi

  • * Access to X-ray, CT, MRI,etc.

  • * 24-hour Security  

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