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Best Clinical Trials relies on the relatively large private practice population near our offices to fill studies.  Additionally, our former study subjects have proven a consistently reliable source for new subject referrals.  This is a testament to the time and attention we give to each of our study volunteers and the relationships that we have forged.

Whether patient or prospective study volunteer, Best Clinical Trials offers such individuals the opportunity to participate in clinical trials.  This is particularly significant to a number of New Orleans citizens who are low income, uninsured, and with infrequent medical care.  With offices located in the uptown area, Best Clinical Trials may frequently draw from this medically underserved patient base.  Such patients are very receptive to the access to medical testing, evaluation and diagnosis which clinical trials may provide.

Approximately 70% of our patients are derived from our Investigators’ private practices. Ethnicity demographics include approximately seventy percent (70%) African American, many of whom suffer with hypertension or diabetes. Eighty percent (80%) of our study subjects are adults aged 18-65; the remaining twenty percent (20%) represents our geriatric population.  

Because our offices are located one block from the St. Charles Avenue street car line and Metro City bus line, our site is accessible by numerous forms of public and private transportation. This aids in subject compliance with the scheduled study visits. We are also equipped to perform protocol-required “long days”, such as eight hour post dose pharmacokinetic (PK) sampling and serial spirometry.

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